Wednesday, July 27, 2016

14 weeks...

It's technically the start of week 15 but wanted to update on week 14.  Last week I made my announcement at work.  I was so nervous but everyone has been so excited for me and they enjoyed the treats.  A few were slow to figure out what the celebration was all about but eventually figured it out.  Here is the awesome banner my friend made that I got to post on facebook for the world to see.

Symptoms I felt this week:

  • Breasts still hurt but less and less.  Also they are much bigger and time to 
  • bra shop
  • Still feeling sick but also less and less each day.  
  • Still tired
  • Feeling full in my belly.  Guess thats the baby taking up room in my tummy. 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

13 weeks...

We had our MFM app this past week.  It was very overwhelming and I'm not really sure what they want me to do next.  They gave me forms for filling out my blood sugars but no one actually mentioned anything to me about faxing it over each week.  Not to mention I already do a log sheet for my Endo so I'd rather fax that over to them then fill out another form.  Doctor mentioned about measuring my urine in a 24 hour time span but no one actually spoke with me about it before I left and I forgot.  It was exciting to see the baby on ultrasound though.  Baby has really grown so much since our last one.  It really looks like a baby with attitude and all. J and I were so excited to see him/her.  Hoping we find out the sex soon.

Symptoms I feel this week:

  • Breasts hurt but not as much as before
  • Still feeling sick but not as much as before
  • Still tired
  • Stretching pain on my right side (baby is on the right side)